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Gas springs

We make gas springs according to the customer's design and sketch or a sample of an already existing gas spring.

Gas springs can be used in all situations where a body of a certain mass must be raised and kept at a certain height, in a controlled manner, without the application of great force by a human. They are used for opening and holding parts of machines and furniture, boot lids and engine covers of various vehicles, doors of various containers, parts in mechanical engineering, military machinery and equipment, household appliances, medical equipment and in many other areas of industry and civilian use.

We make gas springs according to the customer’s design or sketch. You can also deliver to us a used gas spring of any manufacturer, and we will try to make a new gas spring of the same dimensions and working force. It is very important to know the operating force of a gas spring, which is usually expressed as a number printed on the gas spring cylinder next to the letter N (unit of measurement for force “Newton”).

We produce gas springs with a maximum force of 1100N. Gas springs with a cylinder (housing) with a diameter of ø18, ø22, ø25 or ø28 millimeters and a rod with a diameter of ø8 or ø10 millimeters. We create and adjust the length of the shock absorber and the working stroke so that they fully suit your needs.

If you have a construction or product for which you think you need a gas spring, feel free to contact us and our experts will help you choose the most suitable solution.