m.g. žnidarec

M.G. Žnidarec d.o.o.

Gas spring manufacturer

About us


Top quality products with control over every part of production.


30 years of experience in the production of gas springs.


Quality, meeting deadlines and price are our values that we cherish.

The company M.G. ŽNIDAREC d.o.o. was founded in 1993 as a family business owned by the founder and director Zdravko Žnidarec. The company is the successor of “domestic craftsmanship – Žnidarec” (of the same owner), which was engaged in metal processing services and developing and adopting its own product “Gas spring”.

We are the first gas spring manufacturer in Croatia.

We make our products in series for customers who use them for installation on their products. We make them according to individual requirements according to the client’s design and sketch or a sample of an already existing gas spring, where we use the knowledge we have gained through our own research and many years of experience in the field.

Our daily efforts and activities are aimed at creating the optimum relationship between product quality and price. We strive to fulfill all the requirements of our customers in the shortest possible time.

Performance measure of the company M.G. ŽNIDAREC d.o.o. are customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tomislav Žnidarec, Dipl.-Ing.